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Hunter: Giant StepDad's Revenge

Custom Video! Hunter's stepson wrecks his car, and as "punishment, you're gonna pay for that car- in different ways." Hunter chuckles, vapes and blows smoke in the loser's directions. Moments later the tiny has shrunken down to an inch tall, at his Giant Stepfather's mercy. Hunter walks in to watch TV, and doesn't even notice him as he sits down. "Oh dude, didn't even see you there haha!" He sits on him again, smothering him under his jeans. "You're like one of those cartoons- that gets flattened, and then turns back to normal size." Hunter continues to sit on his stepson, before throwing him on the rug and threatening to step on him with his smelly barefeet. 


In a POV sequence, the tiny tries to hide- but he's not fast enough for the playful Giant who easily stomps down on him. Hunter then forces him to smell his work socks, makes him smell his gym shoes, butt crushes him again in boxers, and even starts whipping the tiny with a belt. "Had enough yet?" WHIP!!! "Thought so." 


All doesn't end well for the tiny as Hunter puts him under the sink with scolding hot water, only to drop him down the drain. "Uh oh- oh well buddy. Down you go." Intense sequel to Hunter's first escapade into torturing his step son. 


NOTE: Some sequences are in slow mo HD, for enhanced visual and audio effects. 


THEMES: Foot Crush, Shoeplay, Mouth Vore suggestion, Butt Crushing, Shrinking, Non Consensual. 


16 minutes

Hunter: Giant StepDad's Revenge

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