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Hunter: Giant Boss Revenge

Custom Video! Hunter was a CEO to a company that didn't take him (or their work) seriously. Instead of firing them, the jock had other magical plans. He shrinks them into tic tacs. "How the fuck am I supposed to run this corporation when I have idiots like you guys?" Hunter fumes, towering over his staff. "Tim, I don't know where to get with you. You can't focus! You can't get your work done on time. I built this company from the ground up."  After shrinking them down, it's punishment time. 


Hunter kicks his dress shoes up on the table. He grabs one of the employees and pops him in his mouth, chewing him and moaning. "MMM Jerry, I hope this is a lesson for you." He then unties his shoes, revealing sweaty black dress socks. He grabs the shoe and threatens to squash all of them with it. Laughing, He takes a sock off and puts his barefoot on the table. He sniffs his own sock before putting on all of the tinies, and then kicking his feet back on the table on the sock. He is merciless. "My feet are so sweaty", the boss chuckles. "Hard to be a boss. You work hard, your feet stink, but you know who has the power- because I'm a fucking Giant!"


He places the rest between his toes, stomps around with some in his shoes, and keeps torturing them with various foot torture methods. Very verbal, very focused. Includes some Vore, mostly foot stomping. Slow motion included. 


THEMES: Foot Crushing, Vore, Verbal Humiliation 


11 mins 30 sec

Hunter: Giant Boss Revenge

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