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Hunter Foot Tortures Small Best Friend

Hunter is a cruel, workout frat boy who comes home to discover his best friend is only 1/2 an inch tall. "What the fuck do we have here? Haha, you were always small. Now you're even smaller!" Hunter starts to compare himself to a Giant, mocking how his friend was always checking his feet out when they were at the gym. Now that he's unclose and personal, he must suffer. Starting with shoe stomping, the athlete soon slides off his worn out chucks and makes the loser smell his nasty socks. "Yeah sniff my smelly ass feet. You like this , pervert!" With more pressure, the socks come off to reveal the Giant's size 10 rank barefeet- that now glide back and forth over the midget's whole body. Hunter has other plans though. He drops his friend into one of his shoes, and ties it extra tight. Now trapped, the little must sit as Hunter walks into the living room- where he continues to keep the little inside before dumping him on the table and making him smell more of his barefeet. Hot, interactive verbal role-play from an extremely dominant new jock! 


18 minutes

Hunter Foot Tortures Small Best Friend

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