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How To Train Your Tiny feat. Carson
19 minutes
THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal, Mouth Play, Deep Breathing, Vore, Food Stuffing, Armpit Play, Muscle Play, Belly Bloating, Burping, Bloopers, Custom 
OPENING: "What's up everyone, this is Carson! I really love to dominate these little guys, and normally I would just throw em in my mouth"- Carson acts like he's going to do it, holding one in his hand. "But we're gonna do something different today.  I want to help you little losers NOT Be so fucking useless. I'll give you a step by step tutorial on how to gain a few ounces. Enjoy!"
PLOT: Carson discovers a tiny thing in his hairy armpit. He tells the loser he promises to help him get big, so he won't get eaten. Carson talks about the various muscle exercises he does, showing off his amazing body, pecs and biceps. The tiny remains in the stud's hairy armpit as the jock cockily goes on with the "training" he will give the little loser. "This is for your own good. Just so you're not so fucking helpless. I feel bad for you guys. Getting stomped and eaten all the time isn't fun. I'm in a good mood today." The Giant sounds so sincere.
Carson places the tiny on his massive bicep. "See, look at how strong this is. How powerful I am. I'm gonna show you the right foods to eat, so you can get a body like this!"
Next, Carson slams a ton of junk food down on the kitchen table, and talks to the tiny about eating carbs. "See I work out a lot, so I can eat a lot. Oreos, cookies, bread, gum. But first, let's try some breathing exercises. I'm just gonna blow on you buddy." The Giant BLOWS playfully on the scared tiny, but assures him it's all a game. "Feels like a tornado, huh? LOL!" Carson laughs, blowing more.
"Now I just want to show you how BIG my mouth looks from the inside. I PROMISE I'm not gonna swallow you." Carson opens wide, revealing a massive cavern - thick pink tongue, perfect white teeth and a long throat. He puts the little all the way inside - but doesn't swallow him...yet.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" Carson says. "Let's show the audience how big my mouth really is." The jock then opens wider than EVER- taking deep breaths in and out, as the screen shows nothing but his massive maw- huge pink tongue, tonsils, uvula and throat. He even sticks his long tongue out just to brag more. "Yeah that's a big mouth hahaha", Carson chuckles. 
"Now it's time to show you how to eat like a real man. Let's start with gummy bears." Carson grabs a few and pops them in his mouth, then goes further. "You gotta grab the WHOLE FUCKING bag and just pour them down - like this." As the jock greedily eats the gummies, he starts belching. "BURRRPPPPPPPPP!!!!!"
"Learning to burp like a real man is important too- BUURRRPP!! Here, get a closer look lol!" Carson grabs the tiny and once again opens his mouth and belches on him repeatedly. The seemingly "caring" Giant is suddenly coming off more crude. "You know what would be really funny? Is if I was just actually doing all this stuff to show you how much POWER I have over you haha!" He holds the tiny in his hands, smirking- still close to his massive lips.
"I got an idea", Carson smirks. "How about I put YOU into one of these cookies, just so you can see how I eat them. Okay? I'm NOT GONNA Eat you. Well maybe...I'm thinking about it LOL!" 
The Giant places the tiny into the cookie and pops him into his mouth. Rolling him around his tongue, moaning with pleasure from how good it tastes. At one point, Carson doesn't know where the little is. "Are you stuck under my tongue bro? Where did you go?" Before the clueless jock realizes it, he accidentally swallows him! "Oh fuck bro...I think I swallowed you. OH well BURRPPP!!" He rubs his bloated stomach. A great day for training.
INSANELY GOOD Vore video- and Carson at his verbal best.

How To Train Your Tiny feat. Carson

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