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How to Train Your Robot feat. Aaron

27 minutes


THEMES: Robot, Mind Control, Live Action, Foot Worship, Verbal, Role Play, Love Potion, M/M


Jason has been waiting for this moment. He has always had a deep crush on his friend Aaron. With a boost from his friends, he invites Aaron over to confess his feelings. As he lays out his feelings…it doesn’t go well. 


“I am not interested in you and in fact I am disgusted by your recent actions. I have caught you sniffing my socks, stealing my clothes, and more” Aaron says in anger. 


“You know that isn’t true. I would never do that” Jason says


“STOP FUCKING LYING, I caught you multiple times stop this. I don’t like you, you're a creep” Aaron retorts. 


They continue to argue back and forth with Aaron getting angrier by the second. Jason enjoys this game and has Aaron sit down. The hot jock takes a deep breath and does. Jason then explains how he inserted a chip into Aaron’s ear that gives him complete control over the man. Aaron just laughs and doesn’t believe him until…




Aaron freezes. With the click of a button, all the rage and anger is gone. He is stopped in time. Jason then addresses the camera


“So as everyone can see, I paused Aaron and I have complete control over him. I am going to worship his amazing feet and he can’t do anything about it.” Jason presses a button and Aaron continues his tirade 




“See he doesn’t even know what is happening while paused, I have him programmed to act like a pothead cause I think they are the sexist men alive. Now…let me…see and…”


Aaron has changed into a totally different man. He starts to stretch his feet out and listen to Jason. He enjoys getting his toes worshiped and his rugged soles massaged. 




“Now the only downside is that these are not real feet, but they feel amazing. The silicon molds have gotten so much better and they feel more lifelike”


Jason unpauses Aaron once more and asks if he can take off the other shoes. 


“Sure go ahead” Aaron replies and lets Jason remove the other sneaker and socks. 


“Aaron can you come over and put your feet on me while saying oops a lot” Jason asks 

Aaron immediately listens and plops his massive stompers right onto Jason. 


“OOOPS I tripped, it was an accident” he says as he wiggles his toes for the camera. Those perfect feet in full view. 


“So Aaron do you love me” Jason asks


“Oh I do love you so much, '' Aaron responds. He laughs a bit as Jason tickles his sensitive soles. His feet flinched and wiggled in his hands. 


“Come on and tell me you want to marry me” Jason asks as he continues to work Aaron’s perfect soles. The plump skin giving way and contorting under Jason’s fingers. A slight moan exiting his lips. 


“I think I’ll send him into the kitchen to do some work and then let him free for the evening, he can be a real asshole when he turns back” Jason jokes. 


He snuggles next to his robotic boyfriend and asks 


“Hey Aaron, would you go with me to Australia?” 


“Anywhere, I’ll travel the globe with you. I love you and want to spend everyday with you” Aaron replies, reaching out to Jason. 


Jason then turns Aaron back and Aaron flips out. 


“What the, what how can you” Aaron jerks his feet back in disgust and starts to make fun of Jason. How he is ugly and just a disgusting creep. Aaron continues to go off on Jason, he is absolutely livid at what is happening until




“Let’s head into the kitchen,” Jason says. 


Aaron is brought into the kitchen shirtless. With a smile on his face, Aaron makes Jason a lovely snack of cut bananas. The hot jock, now a servant, doing everything he can to please Jason. His soft voice and bright smile accenting his eagerness to serve. He truly is the perfect man. Yet this control isn’t enough, Jason loves being in charge and starts to order Aaron to do humiliating things. 


One by one Aaron is forced to act like different animals. He quacks like a chicken, and hops like a kangaroo. He has no control with that implanted chip. Jason just laughs and laughs as the Jock is his toy. Jason then takes Aaron to the couch and begins to explain their wedding and honeymoon. The loving eyes of Aaron enjoying each and every moment. He nods and agrees, always happy to keep Jason happy. Yet every good thing must come to an end. With a final click, Jason unbinds Aaron. 


Aaron once more screams and yells at Jason before storming out of the apartment. Jason doesn’t mind, in fact that is part of the fun. No matter how mad Aaron gets, one click and his memory is wiped…ready to play with the next day.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

How to Train Your Robot feat. Aaron

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