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How to Train Your Jock feat. Scott

10 minutes


THEMES: RAW Interview, Muscle Flexing, Barefeet, Gummy Vore, Mouth & Tongue, VERBAL 


Scott joins JFP from Film911, and this is his introductory video. In a raw, uncut clip- the director asks the hot muscle stud questions about why he likes power, what he does to work out, and where gummy bears go when he eats them.

"You have a BIG mouth", the director says.


"Of course I do haha, I'm a Giant." Scott laughs, tossing more into his big, wet maw. His massive pink tongue stretches out and is thick, strong, and clean. 


"You like the power?"


"Hell yeah I like the power. MMMM So good!" 


Scott also kicks back in the sun, does cartwheels, and sits down in the grass to show off his amazing body. The entire duration, you get to hear the director tell the model what to do. How to pose. Where to stand. Fast, swift direction and soon Scott is doing it on his own. A must for anyone who wants to test the waters with this stud!


Filmed entirely in California on Film911 Studios - outdoors!

How to Train Your Jock feat. Scott

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