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Hot Uncle Shrinks Nephew feat Brax

22 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Ken Doll, Inch Tall Plastic Guy, Muscle Play, Barefoot Stomping, Barefoot Play, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Cereal, Verbal Domination 


Brax is a hot jock and uncle to a loser nephew he's shrunk down to the size of a Ken Doll. "Smell these sweaty ass feet loser", the jock taunts the doll- smothering him under his toes and showing off his power.


After the foot session, Brax shrinks the nephew down even smaller- to just an inch tall. He tosses him into a HUGE serving bowl and dumps a ton of cereal and milk onto him. To the tiny, it's like an ocean of sweet goodness- and to Brax, it's just breakfast. The jock eats around his nephew and burps on him playfully. "You like that I got POWER over you huh little twerp? BURRPPP!!!! I should dunk you back under the milk."


Brax burps a lot in this clip and the last ten mins is nothing but cereal vore. Eventually the uncle swallows his nephew down to his big, masculine belly. "Honey, I Shrunk Our Nephew hahaha!" 


Hot Uncle Shrinks Nephew feat Brax

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