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Hot Teacher Shrinks Dumb Student

20 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Ken Doll, Gummy, Verbal Humiliation, Spitting, Mouth Play, Vore, Foot Play, Coffee Dunking, VERBAL, Mark Summers


SUMMARY: Mark plays a cocky math teacher, who shrinks his dumbest student after the loser fails to answer any of the test questions right. Mark chuckles, shrinking his student every time the idiot gets a question wrong. The jock mocks: “Math is fun, but so is Power.” 


PLOT: Jason is a stupid student who keeps failing all the tests. Mark offers to tutor him, but every time the loser gets a question wrong- he gets smaller. Soon he’s shrunk!


“Here, have a bite. You have some apple on your face you look stupid.” Mark is a cruel, sarcastic jock and also a math tutor. He decides to mess with his dumbest student. 


“You know, I always hated you.” He says, drinking his coffee. “Let’s make you smarter- give you some focus juice.” He pours the hot liquid on tiny Jason, who has shrunk down by getting all the questions to the math test wrong. 


Mark strips the idiot of his clothes. “It’s not like you have anything to show off haha” the teacher mocks. He SIPS sloppily, with the 12 inch student stuck in the coffee cup. SLURP!! SLURRPP!!! 


The teacher continues to eat massive bites of his apple, then sucks on little Jason’s head- washing the saliva and coffee from his face. “Don’t worry dumbass. Teacher just needs his caffeine fix HAHA! OOPS!”


“Keep dunking your dumb ass into the coffee! Hoping he doesn’t get MORE STUPID LOL!!” Mark is ruthless. Soon Jason is stripped of everything and Mark rests his sweaty feet on top of him. “Smell your teacher’s stinky ass feet you fucking failure.”


“After a long day of teaching dumb asses, a teacher’s feet really smell.” He rubs his stinky toes all around the student’s body, not caring about his helpless predicament. 


After foot play, Mark shrinks him again - down to the size of a gummy bear. 



He is swallowed down to Mark’s powerful stomach. 


Mark looks in the camera: “Any of you other losers need a tutor?”

Hot Teacher Shrinks Dumb Student

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