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Hot StepDad Swallows Loser Son Watching TV

22 minutes


THEMES: Johnny Ford, Verbal, Giants, Shrinking, Burping, Hiccups, Vore, Food Stuffing (peanuts) Mouthplay, Humiliation, Stomach Bloating, Muscle, Nonconsensual


Johnny Ford eats a ton of peanuts and mocks cartoons with monsters and giants chasing tinies. He compares the tiny people to his pathetic stepson, Oliver. Oliver watches his hot StepDad POV- and the jock taunts him the entire time.


"HAHA See how the GIANT is eating the loser down his throat? I could do the same thing to you loser! BURRPPPP!" The stud gets a ton of mannish burps and hiccups, and continues to chow down on peanuts- making a mess. He also smacks his hard abs, and muscular chest- showing that he's a true beast of a man. Solid muscle. "Poor little Oliver, trying not to get swallowed haha!" He picks peanuts from his teeth, burping between sentences. 


"MMM I can taste you when I BURRPPPPP LOL!!!" Johnny laughs, burping again. The movies continue. 


"AWWW POOR OLIVER! You sad because your BIG SCARY GIANT STEPDAD never actually LOVED YOU? HAHA! I didn't bro. I just wanted to EAT you." 


"I was just USING your ass for your trust money. I never loved you son. LOL! You deserve to be in a Giant's belly- worthless idiot!"


HOT, verbal clip and Johnny Ford is in top form, as usual! NOTE: Minor cameraman direction. 

Hot StepDad Swallows Loser Son Watching TV

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