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Hot Jock BURPS On Loser

9 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Burping, Smells, Humiliation


“Aw, you don’t like getting BURPED on??” Jonathan mocks Marcus, then “BRRRUWAPPPP!!!” The jock uncaringly burps massive amounts of air from this throat into the loser’s face. “BURRRPP!!! BURPPPPP! BURRRPPP!!!!”


Marcus sits there and takes it. Even the masculine camera man (off screen) mocks the loser for letting Jonathan burp on him. The more Marcus resists, the more Jonathan BURRRPS more. 


Extremely verbal. Jonathan burps on command the ENTIRE time- and the belches are back to back to back. Feel like you’re Marcus as the close ups are intense. 

Hot Jock BURPS On Loser

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