Hot Doctor Shrinks Patient, Part 2

28 minutes


SYNOPSIS: Dr Mark Summers returns, this time torturing his patient Jake with a shrinking vaccine that leads to the tiny getting smaller each time, and Mark using him under his hands, feet, kleenex (Sneezing on him), and of course- eating him. This is a sequel to the first in the series, Hot Doctor Shrinks Patient, also available in Mark's catalogue. 


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Medical, Tongue Play, Spitting, Vore, Barefoot Crushing, Food Stuffing (with tiny trapped), Verbal, Sneezing, Betrayal


Jake starts out in the office normal sized (POV) and Mark giggles, trying to act professional but still making short jokes ("Oops! Sorry buddy") before offering a vaccine to help him grow. But on his next visit, Jake is smaller- the size of a Ken Doll. Mark now says he's still going to help him. First he checks his blood pressure results. "A little low- OOPS! Haha..." Dr Mark drops a stapler on Jake's body. "See if you can lift this haha", he says. Then he puts a box of kleenex on top of the poor dude's body. "Ya mind holding that for me Jakey?" Mark smirks. "Hold on, I can feel a...SNEEZE coming on." He then spits into the tissue and mashes it into Jake's body, mocking him. He rubs his nose with it again, smothering the shrinking patient with the wet tissue. He lands his smelly feet all over Jake, acting nonchalant. "Fe Fi Fo Fum, There are more TESTS to come hahaha!"


He has fun abusing Jake under his feet, now larger than him. And of course, very smelly. The doctor never wears shoes. He takes out his stethoscope to hear Jake's heartbeat, laughing at how puny it is. He laughs as Jake tries to move a salt shaker, now massive to him. 


On the final visit, after being injected again, The Doctor comes in with a kit. Where's Jake? The jock first takes his shirt off, revealing a muscular chest. Then he takes his First Aid get and slams it over and over again. "Let's just open this kit up- and see HOW small you are." He opens it- revealing the tiny inch tall Jake stuck inside. "You know how I tell you to stick out your tongue and say "AHHH". I'm gonna USE you as the tongue pressing stick." Without another thought Jake is shoved in Mark's wet mouth, as the jock lazily tosses him around- his massive t