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Hot Doctor Shrinks Patient
Jake discovers that he seems to be getting shorter and shorter every day. His coworkers even poke fun at his condition. He decides to visit his hot doctor to get a professional opinion. Doctor Mark Summers enters the patient's room to go over what he finds as chronic Short Man's Syndrome. As he talks to Jake, he cant seem to help chuckling to himself. "This is a, erm- tiny problem. But haha- I can get you a prescription to help. You might find that people start looking like Giants to you. But I can help you fix that. Just take the pill and check in with me in the next 24 hours. Make sure not to fall in one of the cracks of the floors on the way out haha. OOPS!" The doctor humor seems to be more cruel then sincere.


Jake leaves feeling a bit turned on. Mark is so hot, cocky and fit. Why would his own doctor be making fun of him? He unfortunately takes the pills, but they end up shrinking him vs growing him. The next day, Mark walks in laughing. He has poor Jakey trapped in his own prescription bottle. "It's ironic that the pill I gave you for your condition actually shrunk you. Now look at you. A pill yourself. Probably not a lot of air in there either. You'll just have to wait while I eat my strawberries. Snack time." Too bad Jake becomes part of the snack! Mark begins slowly licking on each berry, and then mockingly compares Jake to the size of one of them. "You're so small you could fall in the cracks of my keyboard, fucking midget." He then licks him with massive amounts of saliva with his huge, pink faded tongue. Soon Jake finds himself all the way inside Mark's big mouth- being tossed around, to the doctor's amusement. After much mouth torture, Mark just swallows him down to his stomach. He then takes out his stethoscope and takes his shirt up to reveal six pack abs. He begins listening to Jakey trapped inside of his body. "I can actually hear you inside, screaming. And there's nothing you can do about it."

This is just the beginning. Mark keeps Jake trapped inside his stomach for the rest of the night. The next day he regurgitates him up and then decides to play Giant vs Jack and the Beanstalk. He kicks his big barefeet on the table and forces the loser to smell his stinky feet. "I'm just going to ignore you now. You've always made poor life choices and now you're paying for it. Sniff my stinky ass feet." Jakey is once again turned on by this as Mark stomps on him, and then works on his computer with the little trapped between his toes. 

With original music and credits to add to the atmosphere, this is probably the most intense Giant scene JFH has explored yet. At almost 30 minutes, you get verbal, foot play and vore. And if you want more Mark the Doctor, you can email us for custom requests! 


26 minutes

Hot Doctor Shrinks Patient

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