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Honey, I Shrunk Our Son! feat Logan

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Cereal, Belly Bloat, Mouthplay, Vore, Unaware, Muscle, Hiccups


For the Vore Fans that like the inevitable doom. Logan devours cereal and consumes a tiny man with it!


Logan is approached by his inventor neighbor next door, who has lost his son. "I think I shrunk him. Have you seen him anywhere?"

"Nah dude", the jock shrugs. The father insists his son Jake, now an inch tall, is nowhere to be found. He asks Logan to look for him in case he turns up. He also asks for personal training lessons, but by now the irate stud has slammed the door.


A sadistic grin stretches across Logan's face as he makes breakfast for himself. "What kind of Dad shrinks his son? How stupid!" 


Without care, he pours out a ton of cereal onto a flailing man before filling it with milk. It's Jake. But Logan is unaware of his tiny presence. The jock ravenously downs the cereal scooping up spoonful after spoonful. He has no care for what he is eating, the wet crunching noises echoing throughout the room. His massive teeth easily make quick work of the food. As he devours the food, crumbs and milk splash along his tanned chest. He has no need for napkins and lets the cool liquid flow down his chiseled body. 


As he noisily consumes the cereal, the tiny tries his best to escape the encroaching spoon. Logan is just toying with him now, getting closer and closer to picking up the screaming tiny. Yet all things must come to an end and his stomach wants high quality protein.


With an exaggerated slowness, Logan scoops up the man and brings him to the awaiting maw. His mouth opens and a hot breath washes over the trapped saliva stretched across the moist cavern and a black abyss waits in the back. Logan lets the tiny beg a bit longer before showing the man inside. 


The tiny is tossed about as Logan messily toys with him. His body pressed against the teeth, cheeks, under the tongue, and much much more. The close up shots displaying the tiny’s demise in 4k definition. Logan continues to laugh and taunt the poor little as he drenches the man in saliva. Then with a 




The tiny is swallowed. Logan quickly finishes the rest of the cereal and rubs his stomach. The tiny is clearly a fighter and starts to give him a stomach ache. Logan quickly chugs the milk to quell the fighting. The white liquid spilling all down his mouth and chest as he gulps it down. His abs disappear as the stomach bulges out.


Yet that doesn’t work, Logan calls the father and says he hasn't found the son, and is sick from eating too much cereal. He continues to pat his stomach and let it take care of the flailing tiny within. At the end of the day, a Jock’s stomach always wins.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Honey, I Shrunk Our Son! feat Logan

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