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"Honey, I Shrunk Our Son Again!" feat. Brad

14 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, POV, Food Stuffing, Vore, Burping, Verbal Humiliation, Slow Motion Effects, Bloopers


SUMMARY: An inventor of a shrink ray can't seem to find his son anywhere. He Knocks on the door of his hot neighbor Brad to inquire about his whereabouts, but the jock could care less. Once inside Brad's apartment, the stud makes himself cereal to eat. Where or where could that little dude be?




After dismissing his annoying inventor neighbor about not being able to locate his shrunken son, Brad takes off his shirt in his home- flexing his muscles. "God fuck- I'm so hungry- need some cereal or something dude." Talking to himself, he gets cereal, milk and bowl from the cabinet. 


He pours the milk into the bowl. In slow motion, we hear the Thudding and trickling of the milk. "MMM just what i needed- some nice fucking cereal." The jock says. "My favorite morning breakfast ARGHH." He flexes his biceps as he says this. 


Brad begins to munch on the cereal. "I can't believe that stupid fuckin idiot wanted me to MUNCHHH look for his MUNCHH son Timmy..." the jock says to himself. "Dude was always such a fuckin loser anways. How could you make him even smaller? He couldn't even play sports cause he was so tiny haha. So weak and pathetic."


He continues to eat. There is no sign of Timmy. "How could he ask for personal training sessions for him and his wife? What a loser." He munches and munches. "Even if I did find Timmy's ass right here, I'd probably EAT him with this cereal too." MUNCH!!! "Who's gonna miss him besides his fuckin Dad? Oh this cereal is so good! MMMM! Slurrrpp!!!" The first bowl is now done. Brad wants more. "It's like a fuckin jungle out there dude. How's that little guy gonna even make it back home? He's probably TINY by now too. So fucking small."


Brad wants another bowl. As he grabs the cereal box, the tiny son falls from the top of it. That's where he was! As the cereal plummets on top of him, thudding in slow motion, Brad seems lax and careless. "MMM More fuckin cereal!" MUNCH! 


"BURRRPPP!!!" Brad let's out a belch. It seems the milk and extra helping of food have given the clueless jock indigestion. "BARRRPPPP!! FUCK dude!" He puts his hand over his mouth and is surprised, but keeps eating. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 


"Even if his son was normal sized, I could eat him haha. MUNCH! MUNCH! He was so fucking small- BURRPPPPP!! Oh man, that was disgusting- BBBUURRRPPPP!!!" The jock can't stop belching. The cereal is almost gone, milk and poor Timmy still stuck in the bowl. 

"Fuck I'm getting full!" Brad says, taking another spoonful of cereal down his throat. "I better keep an eye out for him I guess." As Brad says this, the spoon holding the cereal has Timmy stuck on the spoon. The jock opens wide and slow- showing a thick pink tongue as the loser is tossed helplessly into the mouth of the titan and swallowed down to the stomach. "MMMM that was good! Feels like there was an extra bite in there."


Brad takes a huge chug of milk from the 2 gallon carton. Then burps again. "AH FUCK! Don't worry Timmy. If I did eat you, you'll become part of my muscles anyways haha!" He rubs his pecs, bloats his stomach, and burps a few more times. "Oops."

Scene includes a few minutes of extra bloopers with Brad getting directed and sometimes laughing at how silly he feels playing a Giant- even though he's PERFECTION.


"Honey, I Shrunk Our Son Again!" feat. Brad

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