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Gulliver's Gummies feat. Brad

20 minutes


THEMES: CUSTOM! Giants, Shrinking, Unaware, Vore (brief), Muscle Worship, RAW Uncut Footage after film


SUMMARY: Brad returns home from a sweaty day at the gym, takes off his shoes, socks and shirt- only to find a ton of little gummy bears on his bed. When he picks one up, it sprays him with an invisible gas- causing him to tumble down. When he awakens, he's in ropes with more gummies all over his muscular body- just like Gulliver. 


PLOT: The world of micros rejoices. All the littles wait in silence as the titanic Brad returns home. The massive beast is back from the gym and slowly undresses. His heavy thuds rock the room as he makes his way to his bed. Upon entering the room, he sees a bunch of shrunken men. Annoyed, he picks one up and is sprayed with an unknown substance. The titan collapses and the world goes black. 


Upon awakening, he finds himself restrained and surrounded by the tiny army. The littles cheer and clap as they have finally subdued their tormenter. Brad fights the restraints, but is unable to move. A brave tiny walks up to the titan to insult the beast, however he gets too close and the beast lashes out gobbling the tiny man in one bite. 


The others are horrified as Brad chews and destroys the tiny with his teeth. 


“Yeah you little bitch” he says as he messily chews up the man. With fresh protein, Brad flexes with all his strength and shatters the restraints. The rope is quickly destroyed and the tinies watch on in terror. They are in deep trouble. 


Without any pause he starts smashing scores of the littles with his hand. 


“Yeah you fucking idiots, you thought you could take me out” He laughs as the tinies are sent flying from the impacts. He then proceeds to massacre the rest. 


Brad launches onto the bed and smashes a whole squadron under his plump asscheeks. The tight briefs showing off all his curves. 


“Yeah get crushed you bitches!” he says as he wiggles his ass making sure there are no survivors. His fingers lash out and a handful of fleeing littles are caught. Without a second thought, they are thrown into his mouth and chewed to oblivion. 


“Yeah you like this, you tried to tie me down you bitches this is what you get” Brad really gets into his revenge on the little army. The horrors he is inflicting will be told through generations. 




His massive, stinky feet smash down into a crowd of men. Their bodies soar through the air before…




His other sole comes reigning now. He gives no chance of rest, no chance of mercy. 


“Yeah you tiny little bitches, can’t even take on my feet” he says as he rubs his soles together. The men turn into smears as he destroys their fragile bodies. Back and forth they rub coating the littles in stale sweat and grime. 


“Look at that can’t even deal with one of my toes” he says as he executes another with his big toe. That massive appendage falling down and crushing the creature flat. 


As he lies on his bed, he lets loose and traps littles all on his body. Smashing, smearing, and tormenting the various squadrons. Satisfied that most of the men are destroyed he gets up and surveys the survivors. As he said before, there was no mercy to be had. He snatches up the few that remain and shoves them in his ass. The fabric snapping shut and sealing the littles in. Over the day, they too will perish within the jock’s ass.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Gulliver's Gummies feat. Brad

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