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Giant Uncle Turns Nephew into Bubble Gum

9 minutes


THEMES: Shrinking, Transformation, M/M, Giants, Mouth Play, Verbal, Vore


Custom! "What happened to Oliver?" Laughs Shane the cruel Uncle. "He went from being a tiny man to bubble gum hahaha." Shane's big, massive hand stretches from a coiled fist to open, revealing pink gum. "You're all doughy now. Perfect to chew on." After sniffing the gum and remarking about how fresh it is, Shane casually tosses Oliver the Bubble Gum man into his mouth, where you see the chewing begin right away. Shane's dark mustache and thick, pink lips mash the loser inside. 


"MMM Bubble Gum Oliver. MMMM Feels good on my big tongue." The uncle keeps chewing him, purposely slobbering his tongue around. Oliver is so pathetic, the Giant can't even make an actual bubble out of him. "HA It's okay. I'll just leave you here on my tongue. While you struggle to get out." He keeps tossing him around. "NOM! NOM! NOM!" There is no mercy with this man.


"They Say you should never swallow your gum." Shane chuckles, and swallows it anyways. "Down my throat you go Oliver", the Giant laughs. "Can you guys see where he went?" He opens wides towards us.  

Giant Uncle Turns Nephew into Bubble Gum

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