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Giant Teacher's Pet (Ari)

Ari the Teacher has his shortest student, Jack, stay after class for a talk. "I've noticed other students picking on you for being so small. Haha it's kinda hard not to- I literally have to look DOWN when I speak to you." He at first talks compassionately to the short guy about how he understands his work is slipping, and something but be done. But then he realizes the guy is checking out his huge size 13.5 feet. "Are you looking at my feet?? Don't deny it. I notice you drooling over them every time we have class." As Jack feels embarrassed, the jock teacher continues. "Since you probably don't have much experience, why don't you help me out by relaxing a bit? Take off my shoes." The suddenly understanding teacher is now a sadistic bully, just like Jack's classmates. He talks about how the class will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk next session, and later confesses he picked it on purpose. "We're all basically Giants to you, loser! Fe Fi Fo Fum! HAHAHA". As Jack begins smelling his teacher's shoes, dress socks and soon barefeet- Ari encourages him. "Yeah that's right, worship my feet." He eventually can't hold it in- and succumbs to his teacher's orders. "We might have to do this again some time. Now get out of my sight." Ari says casually.


14 minutes

Giant Teacher's Pet (Ari)

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