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Giant Son Swallows Tiny Father

Ian the cruel and sadistic son towers over his 1/2 inch tall father. Holding him in his massive hands, he talks about different things he could use the runt for- including putting him up his nose, stepping on him, or "I could just throw you in my mouth." As Ian giggles at this, he begins licking the tiny slowly with his pink tongue, savoring his flavor. Eventually his Dad is just tossed all the way in his son's massive mouth, with closeups revealing how big and thick the Giant's tongue is, with beautiful white teeth and a deep throat. As he's tossed around, the son even mocks how his father probably likes being inside. Ian takes him out and belches on him a few times, and then puts him back in. Towards the end he gets a bad case of the hiccups, and then swallows the pathetic loser into his belly. Hot clip showcasing one of the most perfect mouths on the site. Delicious for any vore fan!


16 minutes

Giant Son Swallows Tiny Father

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