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Giant Son Foot Stomps Tiny Father

Ian is a cocky, cruel son of a pitiful, shrunken down father. He notices his little twerp of a parent laying on the bathroom floor as he flexes his muscles and wears nothing but worn out sandals. He compares his big size 11 foot to his puny father. "It's like Jack and the fucking Beanstalk Dad", he mocks. After comparing his foot, and how he's like the big bad Giant, Ian places his father on the front of his sandal- moving his big toe up and down on him. "Is this where you wanna live Dad? Under your son's big ass toe? I know that's what you want slave!" He continues to move his toe up and down. Finally, he slides his rank sandals off to reveal two very smelly, manly feet. Stomping over the pathetic loser, and laughing in the process, Ian is in total control. The humiliation ends with the son kicking his feet up on the coffee table and putting his father inbetween his toes. "That's right, sniff  your son's big stinky feet hahaha" Ian taunts again. Very hot closeups of the new model's barefeet and sandals, and plenty of verbal humiliation in this dark escapade into fantasies you've only dreamed of.


18 minutes

Giant Son Foot Stomps Tiny Father

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