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Giant Pool Jocks

27 minutes


THEMES: Giant Jocks, Shrinking, Verbal, POV, Body Explore, Foot Stomping, Vore, Muscle Play, Armpit Humiliation, Pool Play, Water Adventure, Multiple Jocks


STARRING: Mark Summers, Lucas, Brad


Once upon a time in Giant Land, three hot jocks take a break by the pool, sunbathing and showing off their hot abs and legs. On the news it's been reported there's been an infestation of tiny people on the loose, now invading the land like bugs. When the jocks discover the littles crawling around by their feet and hopping on their bodies, they decide to have some fun humiliating them.


A tiny hops up onto Lucas's thick, strong hairy leg. When Lucas realises the nuisance, he smirks- and blows the tiny loser all the way back down to the ground. "Hehe, try again- climb my leg". The tiny attempts to climb again, but is blown away a second time. 


When Brad notices, he taunts him too. "HE's by my big smelly ass foot. Climb onto my toes lol!" When the little guy makes it to the top of the foot and onto the knee of the Giant, Brad simply blows him onto Mark's leg. Laughing, Mark flicks him back to the ground. Towering over the tinies like Gods, the Giants continue to talk amongst themselves as the ant size peasant runs around aimlessly - past the jocks' dirty shoes, socks and sandals. 


"I heard there are some tinies loose, I think"- Lucas says to Mark and Brad, who don't seem to care. Mark simply grabs one. "I betcha I can eat him lol." He opens his mouth wide, revealing his huge maw. "You like my pink ass, big ass tonge huh?" When it looks like he's about to swallow him up, Brad passes him to Lucas again. 

Lucas, who has the hairiest chest of all the jocks. "It's gonna be like a fuckin forest for the little dude", Mark is heard saying as Lucas smirks, and the tiny is tangled in the Brazilian hottie's pec hairs. Each jock also opens their mouth wide, threatening to swallow the poor fella.  


Brad snatches him back and talks directly to him. "We want to go swimming now. Let's play a game called Jaws. You try to swim from us and try not to get eaten hahaaha!" 


Lucas gets into the water first. "I PROMISE to give you a head start." As the tiny man maneuvers through the huge pool, looking like an ocean to him, Lucas comes closer and closer- suddenly jolting forward towards the little, biting at him like a shark. It's all just a game for the jock.  


Soon Brad jumps into the pool. "If you can get to Brad in 15 seconds, he won't swallow you", Lucas giggles. The tiny attempts to swim as fast as he can, but Brad just opens his mouth casually and almost eats him. 


"You like that, little ass bitch?" Brad jokes, opening wide again. Mark is the last to join, and now the poor tiny is surrounded by all three jocks, who keep biting at him no matter which direction he tries to escape. 


"We promise to leave you alone now, we're done playing this game." Mark says dully. The three jocks swim away, to the tiny's relief- and all go under water. But abruptly they remerge like whales- splashing around and laughing. It's now time to feast. Brad grabs the tiny and swallows him down his throat. The POV shows him opening wide, even seeing his uvula and thick tongue vibrating in anticipation for his meal. "MMM Yummy in my tummy!" The jock rubs his abs in the water. 


"Wait, I see ANOTHER one!" Mark exclaims. The jocks decide who will swallow this one, and Lucas takes the bait. Then a third shrunken morsel is discovered swimming, and the jocks just get out of the pool and playfully stomp towards him with their wet, smelly feet. Wiggling their toes and towering above the loser. 


"Yeah, STEP on his tiny ass!" Brad laughs. "Stupid ass, weak bitch." The jocks then proceed to the hot tub to warm up. The tiny manages to get out of the pool too, and scurries towards the tub too- a bad decision indeed. 


Sitting by the hot tub now, the jocks relax and another tiny man has managed to find his way by them. He hops from foot to foot, all six soles exposed. Brad finds this funny. The feet are wet, sweaty and glisten in the sun.  "He's in fucking dreamland right now", mocks Brad- as the tiny climbs his leg, only to be blown back down to the ground. "OOPS!! Try again lol!!!" Brad laughs. The jocks in the background laugh too. 


"Uh oh, watch out! Lucas is gonna fucking CRUSH you!" Mark says, as Lucas's big toes hover over the tiny. "One big fucking toe, that's all it takes dude - he's so tiny", Brad mocks. Soon feet are stomping down hard, as the tiny tries to dodge the Giants and their big bare feet. 


Mark finally ends the torture by lifting the loser up to his mouth and swallowing him down his gullet, rubbing his gullet and laughing. "I can feel him going all the way down to my fucking stomach. Good source of protein for sure haha!"


The scene ends with the jocks taking turns in the hot tub passing another tiny around, starting with Brad. "Think he likes being in my stinky fucking armpit?" The adonis flexes, and the tiny is smashed into the wet, nasty pit. The jocks laugh, showing no mercy. "I bet he likes it. He likes the way my armpit fucking stinks." Brad flexes more. 


"I bet he would LOVE to get a whiff of this armpit too", Mark says as the tiny now goes to his armpit. "Sick little fuck LOL!!!!" When Lucas grabs him, once again his hair is the thickest. "He's gonna get trapped in that fur forever, stinky ass armpit." Lucas's hair is so thick and tangly, and mixed with hot tub water. The tiny stands has chance. 


After Mark mouth teases him, Brad ends everything by having the speck "climb my fucking arm like a fucking beanstalk." Then opens his mouth wide. 


Very intense, very fast paced story that has a lot going on and three distinct personalities from three hot jocks vs a bunch of pathetic weak bug boys with no chance to escape!


NOTE: Sometimes the sound is minorly muted (brief seconds here and there) due to outdoor noise/camera direction in order to retain the hot visuals. 

Giant Pool Jocks

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