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Giant Mark vs Hercules

15 mins


THEMES: M/M, Shrinking, Giants, Fairy Tale, Foot Crushing, Vore, Mouth Play, Power Struggle, Hand Domination, Verbal


CUSTOM! Mighty Hercules finds himself in a Giant's home. It's Mark Summers! The God comes into his kitchen, with tiny Hercules looking up at him. "I've had a LONG DAY! And I can't WAIT to eat something!" He notices Hercules, standing at only one inch on his big table. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE??"


"I'm Hercules, who the fuck are you?" Says the hero bravely. 


"I'm THE BIG BAD Giant!" Mark says angrily! He takes off his red shirt and flexes his muscles. "I'm So HUGE and Strong! There's no way you could EVER defeat me!"


"You're not that big...I could totally destroy you", whimpers a high pitched Hercules. "I'm HERCULES!"


"Well I'm the biggest Giant around, and I will CRUSH You!" Mark does just that, coiling his fist and grabbing Hercules like he was a pebble. He even spits on him, a giant loogie. Hercules still puts up a fight stuck in the Giant's hand, causing the clueless God to be thrown back and forth. How could such a tiny dude be this strong? Frustrated, he throws Hercules to the floor. He begins stomping on the tiny, but after that doesn't seem to do any damage, he picks up the runt and tosses him in his wide mouth. 


Hercules puts up quite a fight inside Mark's maw, and once again it appears from the outside the tiny is fighting and resisting being swallowed on the inside- as Mark looks angry again and his face moves back and forth, along with his muscular form. After trying to swallow him down, Hercules apparently makes his way backup- and Mark spits him out onto the floor, also causing him to fall over himself. Exhausted by the fight, Mark grabs Hercules and throws him in his water and drinks him down- slapping his stomach. He's won! Who's the Mythical God now?

Giant Mark vs Hercules

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