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Giant Kyle vs Tiny Oliver

23 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Verbal, Nonconsensual, POV Foot Smelling & Stomping, Butt Crush, Armpit Exploring, Hairy Chest, Mouth Play, Vore, Hiccups


A tiny man is shivering in fear as he stares up at the monolithic soles of his captor. The massive titan pointing and laughing at him. There is nothing left to do other than pray his captor shows mercy. He took a risk and must now deal with the terrible consequences. His life in the hands of the cruelest giant in the land: Kyle. 


Smashed between Kyle’s feet the tiny Oliver is forced to endure the terrible odor. The musky scent assaulting all his senses. Oliver chokes and gags on the horrid stench as the giant above just laughs at his plight. 


“Come on, smell my stinky, rotten feet” Kyle demands as the tiny Oliver just sobs. 


“You're stuck with me Oliver” Kyle says as he keeps shoving his glistening soles in Oliver’s face. Not caring about the torment he is inflicting on the tiny man. Yet this isn’t the only thing he has in mind for the crying tiny. 


Lifting the tiny man up. He shoves Oliver into his mouth. Fooling around and threatening to swallow him. After a few moments he spits the man onto his stomach. With killer eyes, he demands the tiny crawl back up to his mouth. Without a choice, Oliver complies. Finally at the top, Kyle decides to swap out the torments.


Picking up Oliver, he lifts up his arm. His bushy pits are in full display, the wiry hairs dripping in sweat and grime. Oliver tries to escape the grasp but it is no use. With an agonizing slowness, Kyle shoves the tiny man into his rank pit. 


“You like it huh? Yeah it is so fucking stinky. Look at the sweat” he says as he holds the tiny man in his hairy pits. Oliver tries to fight back but is glued to the oniony skin. Slowly, Oliver peels off the sticky skin and falls down next to Kyle. 


“Aww you want more? NO! Well…” Kyle says before the little man passes out. 


Oliver awakens in a new form. That of a tiny gummy bear. Unable to move he panics as the now massive Kyle walks in. Sitting down he presses his stinky feet onto the candied man. With a more durable body, Kyle really ups the torments. Jumping and slamming his feet on the gummy man and really pushing the new body to the absolute limits. After laughing and having fun Kyle takes a seat


Picking up the gummy tiny, Kyle shoves him between all his toes. The gummy man getting coated in the toejam of the jock. Each and every toe is cleaned using his small body. Oliver tries to scream out and ask for mercy, but his new form doesn’t allow for communication. He has to endure each and every punishment Kyle has to offer. Held between the giant’s toes, his body is squished and mashed. Kyle enjoys the feeling of the tiny between his digits and continues to flex and squeeze the little man for hours. 


“I can just squish you whenever I want” Kyle says as he continues to apply pressure to the tiny man. After a few more moments of footplay, Kyle decides to switch it up a bit and strips down to his purple briefs. The tight fabric leaves little to the imagination as it accentuates his finests assets. 


Dropping the tiny onto the surface, Kyle begins to sit down. His massive ass splaying out as it makes contact and completely engulfing the little oliver. Up and down he goes as he smashes and grinds the little man under his sweaty ass. Laughing with each and every movement. Kyle makes sure to introduce the little Oliver to his entire booty. Sometimes smashing him under the bulbous cheeks to smothering him within that sweaty crack. Each time the table rocks and cracks under the massive jock. The tiny man begging for death to come, just wanting all this to end. Little does he know that Kyle already has that planned. 


The mangled and damaged tiny is brought out to the kitchen. Kyle eyes the gummy man with hunger. He licks his lips and more.


“I’m going to fucking eat you man” Kyle says before popping the gummy tiny into his mouth. 


Without giving Oliver a second chance he starts to chew. The wet smacking of his lips echoes throughout the kitchen. His open mouth giving glimpses of the torn up body. The little Oliver is no longer recognizable as the giant consumes him. The massive teeth easily tearing and smashing the little man. With a final gulp, Kyle opens his mouth. The once little Oliver no more, sent to digest in the stomach of a titan. 


“Ugh I am full”





Written by MaxTiny

Giant Kyle vs Tiny Oliver

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