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Giant Jock's Revenge: Tricks & Treats

19 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Belly Bloat, Burping, Food Stuffing, Foot Domination, Vore, Verbal, Tricks, Gingerbread House, Pumpkin Pie Magic


Are his shrunken brothers good for TRICKS or TREATS? The evil jock (Fred Scarf) returns home for more Halloween humiliation. The jock gets power by getting more revenge on his brothers by humiliating them relentlessly, eating, stomping and degrading them. This includes destroying their house- which happens to be made out of gingerbread. "Shut up you fucking loser ass victims! Get back in your cage! While I destroy each and everyone of you haahaaah!" He pounds one of them with his fist right into the kitchen table. He picks him back up and throws the helpless gummy bro into his mouth. "Awww too bad bro", the jock laughs. He starts rolling him between his tongue- poking it back and forth so you can see the struggle!


"Fuck I can feel him holding onto my tonsiles as I try to swallow him", the clueless Giant says- the tiny still trapped on the tongue. Soon he takes off one of his gym shoes and slams it on one of the other tiny brothers, laughing more. SLAM!! "HAHAHAHA!" The jock battles with his thoughts of being good or evil, but the latter wins this round. 


Now Fred Scarf strips his shirt off revealing his massive eight pack abs, and intense pecks. He has his white tight sports pants. His big smelly feet THUD! on the table, stomping over and over again on the losers. The gummies stick to his feet, they're that sweaty.


Transformation is key for this jock, who has magic powers. Being that it's Halloween, Fred picks up one of the brothers. "What shines most on halloween? HMMM OH Pumpkins!" He snaps his finger, and right away the gummy is turned into a big orange jack-o-lantern. "You're still a little TOO big." SNAP! The big pumpkin gets smaller. Still, Fred is not satisfied. "Guess what, I'm gonna fucking BAKE you!" He throws the tiny pumpkin into the oven. 45 minutes later, he takes the pie out of the oven- puts whipped cream on it, and stuffs it all into his mouth! Eating globs of it. Making obnoxious chewing noises, moaning, burping, loving the fact his bro is pie now- all down his belly. He bloats his stomach out moaning, knowing the tiny is trapped inside.


FINALE: The jock discovers their house is made of gingerbread and proceeds to STOMP it to smithereens. Globs of the candy and whipped cream and ginger pieces on Fred's massive smelly toes. "FEEE FIIIII FOOO FUMMMM!"


This is one of the most intense JFP videos to date. ANY MACRO fan should check it out! Food Crushing for the first time!

Giant Jock's Revenge: Tricks & Treats

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