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Giant Frat Boys: Brad & Mark Destroy Gummy Town

28 mins


THEMES: Dual Giants, M/M, Barefoot Crushing, Butt Crushing Buildings, Vore, Mouthplay, Verbal, Size Difference


"This city is SO Small dude! Look at this guy, I can just pick him up." Giant Brad, a jock wearing blue jeans and t-shirt, picks a puny guy from off the floor. He is by a building. An entire city is in Brad's kitchen. Ready to be demolished by Frat Giants. 


Brad compares the tiny orange man to his huge size 12 sneaker. The jock picks him up. Only to drop him playfully on the hard wooden floors below. "I should just STOMP him", the jock says casually. He brings his shoe down on the speck. He realizes the tiny thing is also stuck to his shoe. He takes it off, revealing dirty sweaty black socks. 


He walks up to a building. "I bet you there's people in here. I'll just smash thru the roof hahaah!" He does just that. "Should I Eat one of em haha", the jock chuckles- grabbing a tiny blue man and popping him in his mouth. "MMM Yum" he says, opening his maw up. "I think I'll fuck up this football game next", Brad says - approaching a football stadium. He lifts his sweaty socks over the field. "I could squash all of them! Should I do it NOW?" He chuckles again. "My foot's the WHOLE Football field", the Giant does a size comparison with his foot and the field. 


"You think I could use THIS building as a chair?" The jock taunts. He sits on it- with blue jeans, his towering body massive to the puny construction. "This building is actually a comfortable chair." He fools around with another tiny in his finger, taking his socks off and now walking barefoot in blue jeans around the city. He's a monster to them. He messes with a parking garage next, playing with the cars before grabbing some poor gummy people and swallowing them. Close ups of his wet mouth show the poor guys don't stand a chance. He swallows them. "I can feel them going ALL the way down to my belly." He rubs his muscular chest. 


He grabs a building and starts ripping it apart. "Puny ass building!" The jock verbally toys with it. He is sitting on the small building again, using it as a chair. It breaks - causing the jock to fall and laugh his ass off. "I was too heavy for it! MAN! HAHA!" He proceeds to put multiple tinies between his toes. "How easy they break- so weak." The jock says, trying to pick them back out of his feet. 


He takes his jeans off, revealing black tight briefs. His muscular legs and calves. "My legs are bigger then the fucking buildings haha", he says walking around. 


BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Another Giant has arrived. It's Mark Summers. "There's a lot of destruction goin on here!" The jock comments. Mark finds a tiny and plays with him in his mouth, while Brad walks off screen. The mouth scenes with Mark are intense, as his saliva moves around his massive tongue and the green gummy. "AHH I can feel him going ALL the way to MY stomach" Growls Mark, who is shirtless himself showing off massive biceps.


Mark then goes and messes with the football field. He's commanding the entire time. Verbally yelling with power and strength. "ARGHH!!! What's the point in BEING A GIANT if you can't DESTROY things haha!" He picks up a car from the garage and puts it easily in his sloppy mouth. He also crushes another car with his barefeet, talking about his toes stomping and smothering. 


Brad returns to the field to finish stomping them out. And eating them. This video has a lot of foot crushing, vore and butt crushing (the building Brad sits on). These dudes are both down for customs!


NOTE: Brad and Mark are only on screen briefly at the same time, from the legs down. BUT they still share moments!

Giant Frat Boys: Brad & Mark Destroy Gummy Town

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