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Giant Dylan vs Gummy Village

19 minutes


THEMES: Gummy Bears, Transformation, Barefoot Crushing, Mouthplay, Tongue, Vore, Verbal, POV Under Glass Views


Dylan walks into his living room wearing just briefs, confused by why there are a ton of gummy bears standing around all over the place! "What is this, a war? What are they gonna do? So tiny," He says, picking up a green gummy and throwing it back on the table. "So helpless." He starts to smirk. He walks over to an army of them on the wooden floor. His bare feet stand on either side of them, like buildings. "I could crush you all in ONE Stomp!" He says he will wait and take his time before smashing them, and then he does just that to a group on the floor- smothering them easily under his big size 11s.


He continues to descend his foot down on them, some in major closeups. "What happened to that army? HAHA", the Giant Twink mocks. "Let's make this more fun", he says grabbing a green gummy. "We can separate your legs haha!" He does just that. Ripping apart multiple gummies, of various colors, as he verbally humiliates them. "Aww poor things", he says sarcastically. "So easily defeated." He then starts crushing more and more of them with his wide bare soles. He also gets on the floor and places gummies (many ripped apart) between his toes. He puts a red gummy aside to "experience the Giant" as he rips more of his little friends apart, and then rubs the solo red bear on his smelly soles, before getting rid of him too. Dylan has no mercy. "Aww how's THIS hug for ya, since you guys are doing it. You can hug in the afterlife- dumb bears ahaha!" 


In the final HOT segment, Dylan squats down by his glass table and sees more gummy bears standing all over. He begins to slowly lick them, to watch them fall over. "You guys are so tiny, you can't even stand up to my tongue." But it gets more intense. He really starts to lick them, and the camera is placed under the table for a full POV experience of a Giant Evil Twink gobbling up all these helpless gummy bears. 


The scene ends with Dylan taking the remaining gummies and chewing them up obnoxiously, opening his mouth wide and showing you the inside of his clean, pink mouth and throat- with saliva sometimes glistening. "No more gummies- down my throat they go haha." The ruthless Giant tosses the rest into the trash. 

Giant Dylan vs Gummy Village

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