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Giant Doctor Punishes Tiny Patient

Oliver has been smoking and abusing his pain medication. His doctor is not pleased. After scolding his patient for his bad behavior, Dr Miles Striker shrinks the loser down to only an inch tall. In a brutal change of pace, the now sarcastic physician laughs down at his new toy. "I think I'll make you the filter to my cigarette. And smoke YOU!" And in POV style, he does just that. Taking major puffs from the cig, and blowing smoke. "You taste real good. See, I take smoke breaks too. But this it to show you how bad the smoke can PUFFFFFF damage your lungs." 


After much smoking torture, the doctor transforms the tiny back to his pathetic human form- but still tiny. He throws him in his own medicine bottle. "Taking too many pills is really bad for you dude! But what if I just take all these pills with your ass right in the bottle?" Before the tiny can escape, he's thrown into Mile's massive mouth. A huge pink tongue glistens, and big white teeth. The doctor laughs more and more, stuffing the bottle in and out of his hungry maw. Finally, he takes the tiny out and tosses him down his throat. He takes his stethoscope out and examines his own stomach. "Oh poor Oliver. I can hear you trying to escape my stomach. But you're on your way to the digestive system now." 


20 minutes

Giant Doctor Punishes Tiny Patient

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