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Giant Dad Tortures Tiny Son Again

NATHAN returns as the careless Giant Dad. "What a tiny little bitch!" The cruel jock father laughs, as he towers over his pathetic son who lays on the floor only 1/2 an inch tall, at the mercy of a Giant. "You're like the jack and the beanstalk bitch, but you can't get away haha." Huge, calloused size 12 feet pound the wooden floors - with the loser unable to escape his Dad's wrath. He's just a toy, a joke to the family- and Nathan talks about how he's so small, he's easily stepped on, or eaten, by anyone in the family. "I wouldn't realize I had swallowed you till I belched out loud." After much sarcastic games on the floor, Nathan tosses the runt onto a glass table, smooshing him under his smelly soles, and even butt crushing him a few times in his tight black briefs. A welcome return to one of the most raunchy and verbal Giants on the site.


10 minutes

Giant Dad Tortures Tiny Son Again

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