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Freddy Shrinks & Tortures his Worthless Stepbros- Ep 1

22 minutes (+ Bonus scenes)


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Verbal, Magic, Transformation, Halloween, Barefoot Crushing
Fred Scarf is an evil football jock, a brother of 7 who confesses to an interview crew in a large outside church that he is, in fact, the Devil. After an intense opening that includes original music and beautiful exteriors, it's time to get to the point. "Bow down to me bitch! I'm the fucking devil. And you're gonna call me sir too!" The interviewer is nervous now, but continues to question Fred about why he hates his brothers so much. "Because they're losers dude! They think they're angels. And angels are weak. I am a Giant. A God."
After the interview, the scene switches to an outside sunny grass scene where Fred, now totally transformed from football jock to the Devil in a cape- has a small church in his hand. He has shrunk it along with his brothers (gummy bears now), and laughs evilly. "HAAHA You guys are so fucking pathetic! Fe Fi Fo Fum! Here I come!" He lifts the church up with his sweaty barefeet- then tumbles it back down. "OOPS! Sorry, aw did I hurt you guys in there?" He does it again. 
Fred is so powerful, that he can conjure up strong winds- which blast throughout the video as he continues to stomp and smother his brothers with his feet, along with many verbal slangs. This is just round one. What happens when the evil jock brings them home with him? 
Filmed in 4K, 24p resolution!
NOTE: Wind noise is evident in the outdoor scenes and some dialogue might be harder to hear. The video has been mixed so the audio is at it's highest peak, and for the most part it isn't an issue. 

Freddy Shrinks & Tortures his Worthless Stepbros- Ep 1

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