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Fred Swallows Tiny Intruder

16 minutes (includes HOT Interview!)


THEMES: Shrinking, Giants, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Belly Bloat, Muscle Explore, Verbal Humiliation, Interview


Custom! An intruder manages to get into Fred Scarf's flat, but he's in for a rude awakening when he discovers the jock's magical powers. The loser is shrunk down to an inch tall by the mighty jock, who then proceeds to mouth play with him- taunting him the entire time. "I think you wanna be part of my body. I think you want to be put in your fucking place", smirks Fred.


"Explore my muscles like it's a roller-coaster. Gonna be a bumpy ride haha!" Fred first drags the tiny across his muscular chest, pecs and arms. Even letting him get a whiff of his armpit. Then he fully puts the loser in his mouth, rolling him around on his pink tongue."Aw you like this don't you?? What a pathetic little man you are." He starts putting the tiny closer to his massive lips, opening his mouth to show off a tongue four times his size. 


There is a struggle. The tiny attempts to get out of the jock's mouth, but he giggles and closes it- even though you can see a lumpy ball go from side to side of his cheeks- obviously the little intruder. 


When the Giant swallows him whole, he has fun bloating his muscular stomach out with the intruder trapped inside.


INTERVIEW FOOTAGE!!! 7 minutes of Fred being interviewed about what it would be like to actually swallow a real tiny human! He gets into it like he would REALLY eat you!

Fred Swallows Tiny Intruder

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