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Fred Scarf's Muscle Worship POV

13 minutes


THEMES: Muscle Worship, POV, Verbal, Intense Domination, Sports Gear 


Custom! Fred Scarf comes back from football practice. "You look sweaty", says his roommate (off screen). 


"Fuck dude, it was so crazy. My practice was so fucking long. Look at my pecs dude, I don't even have to workout tonight." The roommate starts to get close to Fred's body, as the jock lifts his jersey to reveal a stunning six pack and as the scene continues, the roommate becomes more and more enamoured with wanting to worship him. He gets so close you can hear the breathing between both men, and it immerses the viewer as if he's participating the entire time. 


"All the girls want this body dude", Fred chuckles- checking himself out in the mirror and pretty much ignoring his roommate as he flexes and continues to showcase one of the sickest and most fit bodies ever filmed. "Oh fuck...oh fuckk..." Fred moans out, getting into the power he has over his roommate- and his own muscular chest and physique. 


There's an intense finale between the jock and roommate that involves tons of verbal and Fred Scarf's dominant commands for the roommate to worship him. Definitely not one to pass up. 

Fred Scarf's Muscle Worship POV

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