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Fred Scarf: "Honey, I Shrunk Our Son Again!"

16 minutes


THEMES: Unaware, M/M, Shrinking, Transformation, Vore, Verbal Humiliation, Slow Motion Effects, Digestion 


Custom! Fred is a careless jock who is bothered one day by his neighbor who has invented a machine to shrink things. But his son, Mart, is missing. "Dunno dude, don't care either." After brief conversation, the inventor is told to leave- but Fred still looks in various parts of his kitchen to see if he can find the tiny runt. He can't.


Now he's hungry for cheerios. He pours milk into a big bowl, unknowingly eating around poor Mart- who has fallen in. "I better keep my eyes open haha!" Fred is more verbal then this. He slams his spoon against the bowl, laughs with milk coming out of his mouth, even spits a cheerio out hitting our POV view. "What a loser son. Who builds a fucking shrink machine? MMM these are so good. Mart hahaaha- getting lost ahahaha!" 


After much verbal humiliation eating cheerios, Fred is still unaware Mart is in the bowl. As dramatic music plays, he lifts his spoon one more time- with the tiny trapped on it- and gobbles him up whole, swallowing him down, and bloating his muscular stomach. "Better get back to the gym now."


This version of the popular series JFP has adapted is quite verbal and has the most in terms of special effects (slow mo, echos, POV in different parts of the house like fridge, microwave, oven). Def not one to miss!


Fred Scarf: "Honey, I Shrunk Our Son Again!"

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