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Fe Fi Fo Spells GIANT

18 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Sandals, Barefeet, Crushing, Vore, Burping, Verbal Domination


SUMMARY: A selfish, cruel jock discovers an army of shrunken gummies in his house. Him, and his massive size 13 sandals, don't have time for useless little specks, so he has some fun with them. Done as a commission! 




Justin is on the phone with a friend after coming back from a rampage of stomping tinies all day. "It was fuckin great dude! I love bein a Giant. We can do whatever the fuck we want right? HAHA!" He also is wearing very sweaty, leather sandals. "They were all scurrying around like ants." He chuckles evilly at the tinies expenses, how he found their pleas for help funny.


"I swear I can still feel some of them IN MY FEET haha", the jock giggles on the phone. Sure enough, tiny colorful gummy people are wedged between the stud's thick, smelly toes. "Fuckin stinky ass sweaty feet." He mocks. He lifts one of his barefeet up after taking off the velcro from his sandals. The gummies stick to his feet, to the Giant's amusement. "Fuck dude, all this power. They like it though I think, haha." 


Soon Justin gets on the floor and continues to play with the tinies- using his sandals and verbal skills to make them feel even more worthless. "Just one sandal can squash all of em", Justin says- lifting his huge sandal up and plummeting it down. "YOU squash any cities lately?" Justin smirks on the phone with his friend, still squishing the gummies. "Do they like it like these little fucks do?"


In his living room, Justin is back in sandals, with gummies in and out of them. "Man I bet it fucking stinks for them. They like the punishment though haha." He's casual, nonchalant and completely uncaring. "FE FI FO FUM! Here COMES the BIG STINKY GIANT!" Justin says sarcastically, smashing his feet down on the coffee table, and villagers. 


To be even more cruel, Justin puts some of the villagers INTO his sandal, and tilts the shoe up towards his mouth- plummeting it towards his open maw, as the tinies fall down the Giant's throat. "BUURRPPP!!" Justin belches, lazily. "Where the fuck you think your going? Down my throat- OOPS! BURRAPPPP!" 


"G-I-A-N-T Spells GIANT - HAHA! That's A-N-T For you lol!" Justin places the tiny losers between his bare sweaty feet, massive to the losers. After kicking back he stands up on his own wooden coffee table, really towering over the gummies as he continues to stomp on them, burping, and taunting them. 


Fe Fi Fo Spells GIANT

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