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Exploring Giant Brax

22 minutes


THEMES: Foot Worship, Verbal, Butt Crushing, Muscle Flexing, Armpit, RAW Interview


This clip is a series of sections featuring Brax talking about his hot body and being a Giant. 


"I don't know WHAT to do with these feet dude, they just REEK!" Brax lays on his big bed, in blue briefs, his muscular legs stretched out. He touches his toes. He starts toying with the camera with his feet, slamming them towards you. 

"What's your favorite weight to use at the gym?" Asks the interviewer, in the next scene. 


"The classic dumb bell", says Brax. "I can lift up to 300 lbs." Then Brax flexes for the camera. We can even see the veins. 


"And tell us about your feet." 


"I throw out a lot of my shoes because they get so stinky", Brax confesses- his dirty feet wiggling towards the lens. 


"Do you like power with a guy under your feet?" The cameraman asks. "What do you like about dominance?"


"I like making them suffer." Brax says, very chill and confident. 


"And you have the ability to turn into a Giant?" The cameraman inquires. 


"At 19, I could get the size of your classic skyscraper." Brax claims. "I like stepping on jerks, especially the ones that smoke on the street. They deserve it!"


Brax continues to talk about his body, how hot he is, and is very commanding to the camera. He knows all his camera angles. "I know you all just wanna touch these big, hard muscles."


The video ends with Brax talking about his amazing posterior- in bright blue briefs. He smacks it, stands up on the bed, and flirts with the camera. All under camera direction. He muscle flexes, talking about the power and how much "you love this don't you- ahhh yeahhh!" He ends up towering over you, his abs right in your face. And he also sits on the camera a few times. 


This is a RAW video, with cameraman direction so you can see Brax in all his glory, no scripts. 

Exploring Giant Brax

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