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Exploring & Controlling Giant Trevor

37 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Magic, Foot Stomping, Armpit Smothering, Mouthplay, Vore, Belly Bloat, Unaware, Mind Control, Power Swapping, Gummy Bears, Cereal Vore, Heavy Breathing 


The ultimate Trevor Giant macro video to date! The jock comes home from the gym, holding gummies in his hand. He laughs and drops them on the floor. He stomps on them mercilessly, laughing! “AHAHAHAHAH! You fucking losers! Smell these big ass feet.” He puts them on the coffee table, places them in his massive hands, and makes them into cereal. As he eats them one by one. 


But the LAST gummy he eats makes him dizzy- and he falls over. When he awakens, a tiny gummy is sitting on his belly. “You are now under my control”. 


“Yes sir.”


“Those other gummies you ate were just decoys. I made sure of that so you would succumb to my powers, and my orders. I’ve always wanted to explore a Giant Jock and now I can- without worrying about you eating or crushing me.”


“Yes sir.” Trevor is under the power of the gummy.


“Open your mouth and let me see inside it. DO IT.” Trevor complies, opening his wide juicy mouth. The gummy loves seeing the inside of the cavernous maw. “Wow it’s so big in here. So damp and warm. Move your tongue up and down.”


“Yes sir.” 

The commands continue as the gummy then makes Trevor let the tiny observe his armpits, belly button and walks around his whole body. He even gets a chance to hear Trevor breath - IN AND OUT- exhaling his warm breath onto him.


Time for a snack. Once in the kitchen, the gummy continues to order the dumb jock around but the trance has worn off. Trevor is now his normal self again. “Nice try bro, but you could never stop a Giant! Now you’re getting your wish anyways!” He swallows the gummy whole, down to his giant belly. 

Exploring & Controlling Giant Trevor

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