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Exploring Big Bad Brad

28 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Magic, Gummy Bears, POV, Body Explore, Muscle Worship, Armpit Worship, Mouth Play, Vore, Shoe Stomping, White Sock Smothering, Barefoot Smothering, VERBAL, Revenge-Reversal, Hypnotism, Compliant Giant, Power Play, Cereal, Hiccups, Belly Bloat (mild), Unaware


SUMMARY: Brad is the biggest jock in town, and returns home cockily with a bunch of gummy bears he plans to torture. Little does he realize the gummies are just decoys, and once he eats them- he turns into a Robot of himself. Completely at the mercy of a REAL gummy, who uses the Giant to his advantage- and explores Brad's body for his own selfish pleasure. But all "hypnotism" powers wear off eventually.


PLOT: Brad comes home in jeans and pours useless gummy bears onto the carpet. "Yeah, smell my stinky ass white socks, losers." He loves using tinies for his own amusement. He makes them smell his socks and feet. He also mocks one, picking him up and smothering him into his sweaty armpit. "Yeah take that you little bitch!"


Brad pours the rest of the gummies into cereal, and munches greedily on them. He swallows them all down- but starts feeling dizzy. Picking up the LAST gummy, he suddenly faints. 


When he awakens, he is under the control of the gummy. "I want to explore your armpits."


"Yes." Says Brad, in a trance.


"Call me master", squeaks the tiny.


"Yes master", Brad says obediently. 


"Tell me I'm so powerful to be able to explore such a GIANT GOD such as yourself."


"Yes Master."


The tiny continues to walk over on Brad's belly, as the jock breathes in and out- exhaling loudly. The tiny goes all the way up close to Brad's mouth- smelling the minty fresh breath as the Giant shows his sexy tongue. Still in a trance. The tiny even goes into one of Brad's ears. 


When Brad sits down to eat his protein bar, the trance seems to be wearing off. As the tiny gummy is unprepared for this, Brad laughs. "I bet you like the fact I'm actually gonna EAT you for real today. You're getting what you wanted anyways. Like I always say, no one can control me. WORTHLESS FUCK."


Helpless, the gummy must accept his fate- and be thrown into Brad's awaiting belly. 


This is a MUST for any fan of over all macro themes involving the Giant body, including vore fans in particular at the end. But also those into compliant Giants.


Filmed as a commission. 

Exploring Big Bad Brad

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