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Ex-BoyFriend Shrink Revenge!

THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Doll Size, Gummy Bear, Foot Play, Butt Crushing, Armpit & Navel Play, Mouth Play, Vore, VERBAL


15 minutes




For those that like to be a little bit larger and love jock feet - This one's for you!


Austyn discovers all the horrid stuff his boyfriend has been saying and doing. Sitting him down for a chance to confess, the boyfriend keeps with his story. Tired of all the lies, Austyn decides to take matters into his own hands. 


With a snap, his boyfriend is shrunken down to the size of an action figure. Immediately the tiny man is going off, continuing to berate Austyn and demanding he be turned back. Yet Austyn doesn't play. The titan pulls out a shrunken car to the rage of his boyfriend. He casually flings it across the room to demonstrate his point. Realizing the situation he is in, the tiny man starts to ask for forgiveness.


Austyn:  “Naw you said I was weak. I wasn’t strong. You’re just a pussy ass bitch.”


However, Austyn has no mercy for those that betray him. The giant throws the man to the floor and rests his huge foot on top. The massive sole smothers out the shrieking tiny and he chuckles as the little tries to fight him. Austyn proceeds to rub and grind his feet into the prone man. The bully makes sure that every inch of his skin is soaked in his sweat. He squeezes the tiny between his toes and verbally berates him.Ready to up the torment. Austyn shrinks him even further. The man is now the size of a gummi. Austyn is so large, he can’t even hear his cries. Those massive feet towering high into the sky and the devious grin looking down. Picking up the prone tiny, he tosses it onto the bed. 


Austyn proceeds to straddle the shrunken man and show off his tight ass. The briefs battling to contain the large rear and accentuating all his goods. As Austyn squats down, the briefs ride up showing off that deep crack of his. With a thud, he smashes his ass down onto his ex. Austyn grinds his ass on top of the tiny man really making sure he is buried deep in the crack. Up and down his body falls, flattening the ex with each impact. 


Wanting to prolong his fun, Austyn then picks up the man and keeps him tight in his fist. He proceeds to take a nap, squeezing and crushing the little guy throughout the night. Upon awakening, Austyn is ready to continue. He gives the man a full body tour. Rubbing the tiny against his stomach, his abs, his arms and finally his crotch. 


Austyn drags the man under his taint, over his sack, and against his shaft. He thoroughly coats the tiny in his manly musk before pulling him out. 


“Hope you're ready for the next part!” he chuckles as the camera fades. The fate of the ex unknown. 


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Ex-BoyFriend Shrink Revenge!

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