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“Every Time I BURP, You Shrink!” Feat Jonathan

15 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Verbal Jock, Burping, Mouth Play, Vore


“You didn’t hear about that shrinking virus- when someone burps?” Jonathan asks you, before letting out a massive belch. 

“Whoa bro, did YOU just shrink- BURRPPPPPP”


“You think you could go inside my BURRRP mouth and fix whatever is BRURAPPPP making me BURRRPPPPP?” He tosses your one inch ass into his massive throat.


Jonathan burps over and over and over in this one, nonstop like a motor boat on speed. Incredible inside mouth views, tongue action and verbal. If you love burping, and want to see if Jonathan has what it takes- buy it. NOW. Jonathan’s  hungry for you. 

“Every Time I BURP, You Shrink!” Feat Jonathan

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