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“Every Time I BURP, You Shrink!” feat Dean

20 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Tiny Plastic Guy, Vore, Mouth Play, Burping (A ton of it), Hiccups, Muscle Worship, Food Stuffing, Spitting, Drool, Hiccups, Verbal Jock, Power Games


“Yo what’s up Jake? You heard about this shrinking virus going around? Apparently every time a hot jock burps, the loser shrinks. I saw it on the news. I wonder if I BURRRP, who’s gonna belong to me- wait- bro - BURRRRPPP!!!! Are you shrinking dude?” Dean is the hottest jock of all time, and starts burping on his friend purposely- over and over- until he’s shrunk down to an inch tall. 


“Let’s see how many burps it takes for you to be small enough that I can eat you.” Dean says casually. He takes his shirt off, revealing his stunning biceps and chest. He flexes. “I’m so fucking powerful bro.” 


The jock starts eating a ton of food with his friend now by his plate. Danish, bananas, and yogurt. Too bad Dean finds it funny to dunk the loser into the food, and stuff him and the food into his messy mouth. “BURRRPPP! BURRRAAPP! BURRRPPPP!” Back to back burps follow, closed and open mouths. Dean is a monster and gets into the power he has over his new shrunken friend. Poor little Jake is now at the mercy of a true Giant God. 


“Im feeling like a GIANT now bro”, Dean smirks down at Jake- his massive blue eyes looking directly on to his new found meal. “You’re stuck in my banana now.” Dean smirks, placing tiny Jake into the fruit and then taking a massive bite out of it- with the loser getting caught in the Giant jock’s mouth. Dean continues to chew, burp and be mannish- without a care in the world for his helpless friend’s new predicament. 


“You like it when your HOT best friend shrinks you down? And treats you like the worthless loser you really are?” Dean starts spitting on Jake more and more. Licking his body. The tiny is too small to stop the greedy Giant. Jake is dunked in yogurt next as Dean licks it all off of him before tossing him back down his throat.


Eventually Dean DOES SWALLOW the tiny dude- for real! “I can’t believe I actually did it haha! He’s in my stomach. He got caught in my throat and then I just had to do it. Oh well, guess he has a new home now.” The ultimate VORE/FOOD video for anyone into cruel jocks with messy manners.


Also at the end of the clip, Dean leans in and BURPS over and over towards the camera so you feel like he’s actually covering you with his gigantic maw. 

As the video progresses, Dean’s burps get louder and more mannish. He doesn’t need anything to drink to get them. He’s a machine. “Try to get out of my mouth BURRPPP now loser. I’ll GAS You out lol BURRPP!” Closed mouth burping is especially intense here. 

“Every Time I BURP, You Shrink!” feat Dean

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