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Every Time I BURP, You SHRINK!

25 minutes + BONUS Footage!/


THEMES: Giants, Intense POV, Shrinking, Burping, Hiccups, Verbal, Mouth Play, Vore
NOTE: The first four (4) mins and thirty (30) secs are BONUS footage, showing the director and Jason prep for the shoot. If you want to dive into the story right away, go past 4:30 on the video for the official story to begin! 
SUMMARY: Jason is a cruel jock who gets even with his competitive friend by burping on him, and shrinking him. 
Jake (off camera) has landed a spot in the Olympics. Over Jason. But a virus is going around that causes belches that SHRINK anyone who comes in contact with them. Too bad Jason's friend has to get smaller - "BURRRPP"- and smaller - "BURAPPPP!!!"- with each massive belch from the jock's huge maw. Will he be too small to compete?
"Better watch out Jake, I could shrink you down even more. BWAAARPPPPP!!!!" The belches are up close, right in your face, like you're experiencing the humiliation yourself. 
"BUUURPPPP! OOO you look fun size now bro. Like a snicker bar haha. Not even the good kind lmao!!" He leans in evilly. "Welcome to being SECOND best- BURRPPP!!" He knows if Jake shrinks more, he soon won't be able to compete in the sports event he originally was set to play. Now Jason can go.
"How's it look back in my throat when i HICCCUP!!!" The jock starts to get hiccups and burping. He opens his mouth wide. A Massive pink tongue vibrates each jolt the jock gets of gas and air. The uvula dangles in the back, and you can see reminisces of Jason's snack he was eating around the huge teeth.
"HIC! HUUUPPPP! HEEERPP!" Jason's hiccups are powerful. "You okay there Jake? HUPPP!! I know you don't wanna smell my breath, but the air keeps HIIIICCCCCCUPP getting caught in my BUURRRPP chest!" Sarcastically, the jock knows he's a monster to his now pitiful little friend. 
Soon little Jake is picked up by GIANT Jason. "You're enjoying my belches aren't you little dude? You're so small you can compete for the little Olympics. BURRRPP!" Jason belches right on Jake, and sticks his big pink tongue out. He sandwiches him between two cheese crackers. "Poor Jake", the athlete says carelessly. He tosses him into his mouth, closing his lips around him and munching obnoxiously. The burping and hiccups don't stop.
Eventually poor Jake just gets trapped in Jason's mouth, as the jock burps, hiccups, and mocks how he will never be heard of again. Then after one big "BUURPPP!!" Jason looks confused. "Jake?? Oh fuck, I think I swallowed him." He lifts up his shirt and rubs his muscled abs. "I guess I get to go to the Olympics after all."
For any vore, burping, hiccup fan- THIS is the clip you want.
Filmed on the iPad Pro- 5th Generation.

Every Time I BURP, You SHRINK!

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