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“Every Time I BURP, U Shrink!” Feat Travis

15 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking Virus, POV, Tiny Plastic Person, Burping, Hiccups, Mouth Play, Bare Feet, Blue Jeans, Spitting, Verbal Domination, Vore


Travis's best friend, Oliver, has caught a shrinking virus that causes him to decrease in size when ever Travis BURPS on him. The dominant jock wastes no time burping, belching and eventually mouth playing with the little loser once he's shrunk to an inch tall.


"You're such a BURRRPP loser BURRRPPP, you idiot- BURWAPPPP-- haha Oops, I wont put you BUURRP back in my mouth buddy- BURRPPPP!!" Travis is nonstop in verbal, burping, hiccups, and even feet- wiggling his toes in blue jeans as he giggles, and continues to play with his friend before swallowing him whole!


An intense ride that once again proves how powerful Travis really is. 

“Every Time I BURP, U Shrink!” Feat Travis

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