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“Every Time I BURP, U Shrink” feat Brad

12 minutes


THEMES: Giants, POV, Shrinking, Burping, Verbal, Muscle Flexing, Vore, Belly Play


“Bro I hear there’s this NEW shrinking virus going around. Every time various dudes get belched on, they shrink!” Brad sits back drinking soda, and smirking at his friend. 


“But I would never take advantage of you like that dude- if it happened to you. BURRRPPP!” Brad lets out a big burp.


“Bro are you shrinking?? Just cuz I BRRUPAAAPPPPP-ed on you? LOL!!! Oh man you really are weak and pathetic!” Brad burps on him again. More loud. More wet. 


Soon his friend is only one inch tall, and the jock picks him up and toys with him. Burping directly on his whole useless body. “BURRRPPPP!!” Then tossing him in and out of his mouth, before swallowing him down into his muscular stomach. Brad is ripped in this, and burps a ton!

“Every Time I BURP, U Shrink” feat Brad

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