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"Every Time I BURP, U Shrink" feat Austyn

8 minutes


THEMES: Giants, POV, Shrinking, Burping, Echo Effects


"Oh hey bro. I just ate a lot of food, so I might be BURRRRPPPING a lot! What the - are you shrinking dude?" Austyn says this to you, POV, as you slowly get smaller every time the jock belches right on you.


The manly jock is wearing only briefs, showing off his powerful abs, muscular legs and big jock feet. He's completely pure and all yours.


"Wow you really are shrinking. Pretty soon you'll be nothing. I promise though, I won't burp anymore. BURRPPPP! Oh man, excuse me. But bro, you're getting smaller again!" 


Austyn finds this game fun now. As you get smaller, he gets more gas, and "I feel way powerful. Like a fucking GIANT. A God. Your God basically. What other kinky shit do you like besides burping?" You're now so tiny, you start to climb the jock's massive, muscular legs. 


When you reach the top of his knee, Austyn just Burps and you slide back down. Sitting barefoot, the young stud teases you more and more until you disintegrate into nothing. 

"Every Time I BURP, U Shrink" feat Austyn

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