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Evan Humiliates, Belches & Swallows Tiny Brother

Evan the fratboy picks up his helpless one inch tall brother and mocks how tiny he is. He then starts putting him in and out of his cavernous mouth, all the time acting like he didn't mean to. He drinks Sprite and belches carelessly on him, sticking out his huge tongue and playfully putting his brother back down his throat. He also begins eats gummy bears, comparing them to his shrunken sibling. A vibrant, intense clip with close-ups of Evan's mouth, teeth and tonsils and plenty of humiliating verbal insults for your every desire.


NOTE: Evan Mouthplays his brother for the duration of the video. There is not a definitive swallow part. This video was made back before I knew the difference between Mouthplay and Vore. We have to keep the title the same, as it is also on Clips4Sale.


22 mins

Evan Humiliates, Belches & Swallows Tiny Brother

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