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Ethan's Little Pets: Stomping, Butt Crush, Armpits

Ethan is a crude jock who is stuck baby-sitting his boring nephew. When he realizes there's nothing to do in the house, he takes out a remote and shrinks the loser down to an inch tall. "Since you like feet, why not get taped to mine haha. These fuckers stink too." He scotch tapes the tiny to the bottom of his sole, kicking his feet back and stomping around playfully on hard wooden floors. "Let's play Jack and the Beanstalk. Fe Fi Fo Fum ahaha! Almost gotcha dude!" 


Ethan continues the torture by surprising his nephew. "I shrunk your little friends too. Now we all can play together." He butt crushes them with his massive ass, laughing and bouncing. Then he puts them all in a cage. "You'll be my pets. Let's keep going." He forces some to go into his belly button navel, smothers others under his hairy, sweaty armpits. And even eats one out of spite. 


He ends the torture by mocking how he can transform people into anything. "You're gonna turn into a plastic horse nephew!" And just like that, the tiny becomes a plastic horse- stuck under his uncle's jock feet, and eventually swallowed. The horse doesn't quite go down right and causes Ethan to get a case of the hiccups, his bare chest and stomach vibrating.


21 mins

Ethan's Little Pets: Stomping, Butt Crush, Armpits

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