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Ethan: Honey, I Shrunk Our Son

Custom Video! Ethan's a rude neighbor who gets a knock at his door. It's the father who lives down the street. "Have you seen my son anywhere? I invented this shrinking machine and can't find him." "Dude, not I haven't - and go away!" Ethan slams the door. He thinks it's crazy this father even asked him this. He searches his house in a couple of spots before grabbing cereal and milk and sitting down to eat. "Little guy is too small now. It's like a jungle out there." As Ethan eats loads of cereal down his gullet, he is unaware that the tiny son has fallen into his bowl- unnoticed and about to be eaten alive. This video has two parts- one where the son lives, and one where he's swallowed. Ethan belches at the end and there are some really hot slow-mo sequences of him eating, and closeups of the milk and spoon. Audio effects also allow you to hear the hard CLINKING of his spoon, making you feel al the more in the moment. 


14 minutes

Ethan: Honey, I Shrunk Our Son

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