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Eric Mouth Tortures Shrunken Roommate in Cereal

Poor little Oliver. He's only one inch tall and the the mercy of one of his cruel Giant jock roommates, who's about to have breakfast. "You're so tiny and weak OIiver. Aww. Too bad you're so small, you could accidentally fall into my cereal- onto my spoon. And into my mouth haha." Eric casually picks up the loser and drops him in the cereal, pouring milk over him- and munching away while taunting how superior he is. "You fucking love it though. You love being tortured like this. I'm like a Giant. Soon you'll be going down my big ass throat, into my big ass stomach. With the rest of the cereal." Eric doesn't even remember his manners, chugging a 2 liter of soda and letting out a few burps and hiccups. He eventually swallows the tiny whole. In hot slow motion, you see Eric's Adam's apple move and hear it squelch as the roommate is eaten and forgotten. Poor little Oliver. 


16 minutes

Eric Mouth Tortures Shrunken Roommate in Cereal

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