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Enzo Burps On U- POV

13 minutes


THEMES: Male Burping, Male Hiccups, Solo, POV, Male Feet, Verbal Jock, Blue Jeans, Laughing, Mouth Play, Tongue Play 


Enzo is a burping machine! And for 13 sweet minutes he burps, hiccups and laughs (a lot). He does not need soda. He is a complete natural. 


There isn't really a narrative here. Just Enzo being himself. His powerful laugh is addicting, as he points at you (POV) and mocks how stupid you are for liking it when he "BURRPPPPSS!! Oops, I promise I won't BURRPRP Again lmfao!!!" 


The first 5 minutes are intense close ups of Enzo's face and mouth and tongue. He burps directly into the lens, so you feel like you're at the iMAX.


Enzo then sits on the bed with his big, dirty feet in your face. Telling you to worship them while he continues to laugh and point and how stupid you are. 


NOTE: Minor cameraman direction. 

Enzo Burps On U- POV

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