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Emilio Foot Tortures Inch Tall Son

Emilio the Giant showcases him flexing in the mirror, obviously buffer and bigger in muscles then before. He discovers his pathetic 1/2 inch tall son on the floor, and proceeds to tower over him taunting "Fe Fi Fo Fun", laughing he's the big giant. He steps on him a few times with sweaty gym shoes before kicking them off and suffocating the little runt with his size 12 barefeet. After much bathroom foot torture, he places his son inbetween his toes and kicks back on the couch. After verbal domination there, he drops him into his shoes. "Smell my Stinky Feet, loser" the Giant Latino God chuckles. He then walks around with him in it


11 minutes

Emilio Foot Tortures Inch Tall Son

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