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Dylan Shrinks & Butt Crushes 2 Losers

12 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Unaware, Barefoot Crushing, Butt Crushing, POV, Guttural Laughter, Verbal, Sound Effects


Dylan walks around his kitchen confused. "Where the fuck did my two roommates go?" His voice echoes through, as the POV is from the unfortunate tinies that now must face their cruel Giant's wrath. Unaware of their presence, Dylan continues to search. When he finally discovers them, he begins laughing uncontrollably. "You guys are so fucking small ahahahahahahah!!!" When they try to escape, the jock simply stomps his foot down towards them. "Trying to run away, are we aahahahaha!" Dylan manages to stomp one of the tinies out, leaving the other one at the mercy of his massive butt. In colorful boxers, Dylan sits on the tiny on a glass table- all the while mocking and laughing. He then kicks his bare feet back up on the couch, and a fourth roommate comes in asking what happened to the 2 former guys.


Intense, hot clip that features echo sound effects for the first part of the movie- to create the ambience that you're right there with these two minions. 

Dylan Shrinks & Butt Crushes 2 Losers

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