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Dwayne Vs. Shrunken Roommate- POV

Dwayne debuts as the hardcore thug who is annoyed by his weakling of a roommate, and in POV glory mocks him for always staring at his gym shoes. "Why you always lookin at my feet? You like them?? Haha." Dwayne soon catches on, and demands his roommate remove his shoes- revealing dirty, smelly white socks. "Yeah, sniff these dirty ass socks!" As the roommate complies, Dwayne takes out pages of college homework- demanding his roommate now do it himself, along with house chores and other necessities in order to satisfy a King. "Yeah I know you like this." Dwayne chuckles. Soon he has the worthless loser take the socks off, and laughs uncontrollably as his barefeet wiggle and push in front of the camera. The next scene has Dwayne on the bed putting his barefeet closer to his roommate's face. Can he handle it? Can YOU? 


14 minutes

Dwayne Vs. Shrunken Roommate- POV

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